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From the streets of the city to back at the ranch,



sisters and designers Stacy & Laurie McFadin are



inspired by their Texas heritage and love of fashion.






Different in fashion taste as they are in appearance



the two artfully merge their individual styles to



create a shared vision that reflects their lifestyle.




Navajo blanket inspired handbags,studded nailhead



embellished designs,one of a kind turquoise stone



patterns, fringe, tassle detail & vintage antiqued leather



are just a few of their trademark characteristics.




The girls credit their parents, Danny & Jean McFadin,


both fifth generation ranchers, for their love of outdoors,


wide open spaces, ranch life, travel and their unique


style that lends itself to any occasion.




Twenty years in business, made in Texas, the girls are proud



to give each piece they produce the distinction of their



family's name.






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